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For me, the holidays are always the best spent with family.

A couple years ago, we celebrated the fall and winter season by heading out to Austria and Germany around Thanksgiving! I love to travel, so it was amazing to get this opportunity to do so, all while experiencing how another country begins to celebrate the Christmas season.

It was hard at first, since we were all tired AND they speak a completely different language than we do. Speaking English in Germany made me feel a little silly, but the locals were quite forgiving. Knowing the very basics was helpful – thank you, and I’m sorry/excuse me.

Strolling around the Christmas markets was definitely the highlight of everyone’s experience in Germany, though. It was nothing short of pure magic for me, and that’s definitely not just the Gluhwein talking. Tooling through the booths really sparked my inspiration!

Everywhere, you could see different things at each booth, like cookies at one, and a collection of paintings done right in front of you. You could find just about anything there. Also, their food and sweets selection was immaculate. Each candy booth had hundreds of types of candy, and some sweets booths even had chocolate covered strawberries, made fresh. I got to experience raclette for the first time, too!

Thankfully, we went at just the right time of year where there was a bit of chill in the air, but no real ice or snow to speak of. To be fair, I wouldn’t have minded a little snow, but the ice…no thank you.

Anyway, inspiration was everywhere I looked. I love the holiday season, so I’ve put together this collection of winter fonts for you, which will be the perfect addition to winter themed designs and projects.

Not Your Average Font File

This bundle is amazing for the winter season, and it has so many script fonts to choose from. Winter fonts might just seem like a ruse, like… how can a font imitate or work well in the winter? That’s the thing: winter fonts bring the feeling of winter (cozy blankets, hot chocolate, opening presents) right into whatever projects or designs you’re making.

The font files are easy to use and download, so it’s very user friendly as well! The complete font list for the bundle can be seen on my site, but here, I’m going to talk about some of my favorite fonts, favorite font style, ideas, (which I have thousands of!) The image below provides some insight into what my Winter Bundle looks like. These images show that each font included in this bundle has its own personality! The fonts included in the bundle are mainly script fonts, but there are also fonts that mimic handwriting, and are perfect for any designs or projects you may have this Christmas season.

With the theme of the bundle obviously being winter, it’s no surprise that the branding and names of the fonts follow suit. It doesn’t matter what projects you’re making, or how you’re using the font files you’ve downloaded, it’s based on the quality of the font, and these fonts are top tier if I do say so myself. If you take a look at my fonts list, there’s sure to be something there for all designers that are into lettering, handwriting, Christmas, or anything, really!

What Exactly Can I Do With The Font Files?

Once you’ve download your font files, you can do so many things with them! I always see page upon page upon page of awesome Cricut cutting machine projects on the web, so it’s really up to doing what you want to do with the font files.

Google is a great way to help you find just the right ideas that work for your letters and font files, as well.

Using your Cricut machine, you can cut a sticker, vinyl, or infusible ink, just be sure to visit a few websites beforehand to be sure you’ve got the right setup. I’m notoriously a crappy crafter, so I review instructions each & every time so that I’m not being wasteful with materials.

Using the Cricut official site, they can help guide you on the right path, and even give directions for basic projects. Using the font files for personal use, like Christmas gifts or even a decorative plate for cookies is always a really good way to show off your Cricut skills, and how well you can cut using the machine. Your project will turn out nothing but stellar, I assure you!

I think these Christmas-themed fonts & projects are a great way to get into the Christmas spirit. Also, Gluhwein is a great way to do that, too.

Visit My Website To Get This Awesome Deal

The winter font bundle is an investment in your design arsenal! The bundle includes a collection of script fonts, fonts that mimic handwriting, and many more, so it’s guaranteed that your perfect font file is in there waiting for you!

The Christmas spirit is brought to life by my bundle, and is sure to be perfect for you designers and you crafters alike. Lettering is a great hobby of mine and also what I get paid to do (I LOVE THAT), and I love being able to share it with other designers like you.

Just as a reminder, I include a personal use and commercial use license with your purchase, so you’re welcome to use this font collection for your own projects, as well as for your business!

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