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Farmhouse Fonts

WHAT, exactly, are farmhouse founts & why should you care? They’re a rustic sort of typeface that brings that farmhouse feel to your content & can be a great way to accent a clean design. Just look around Pinterest for a brief moment, and you’ll find that pretty much anything related to the style is popular, and here to stay – farmhouse fonts are a great way to add a touch of this popular aesthetic to your content, be it web or print. Speaking personally, beautifully designed home decor that blends rusticity, femininity, and clean design grabs my attention. Flip on the television, and you’ll see Joanna Gaines in all her elegantly rustic glory! Head over to Etsy and search – you’re sure to find rustic decor ideas for your next project along with a variety of farmhouse fonts from various designers. Head to your local home goods store, and you’re going to find farmhouse signs, some cute kitchen decor, and collection after collection of perfectly curated items that make your spaces more inviting, more warm, and more cozy. I’m positive that you can pull up a blog post or two (thousand!) and find some killer ideas there, too!

Design inspiration is everywhere, what’s not to love? Now if only someone would will me a free farmhouse … le sigh.

Getting that rustic look that everyone loves isn’t difficult – all it takes is a little design work, and the perfect combination of fonts for the crafty gal! There are a variety of free farmhouse fonts available but if your design needs to stand out more, I don’t recommend using these or risk getting lost in the crowd. A free font is fine for routine use but if it’s something that really matters then it’s worth dressing it up a bit more. The best part is that you don’t have to spend an arm & a leg to create your own farmhouse signs, Pinterest pin, wedding invitations, or any other thing else you can dream up! You can literally make your Pinterest boards a reality with perfect pin after perfect pin. All you need are a few fonts, a little design inspiration, and you’re set!

It doesn’t need to be a pin, sign, or invitation, either – if you want to dress up your blog’s next post, or doll up your email signature block these rustic fonts are a great way to do just that!

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect place to purchase rustic, farmhouse fonts, I’ve got you covered – head over to my shop to see. Did I mention that all of my fonts include personal use AND commercial use?

Script Fonts Using the Farmhouse Style

One of the best script fonts to use is Farmhouse Country. This particular font duo — yes, it includes a script font, and a perfectly paired handlettered sans font — features a lovely rustic texture. The script font is slightly more bouncy, giving it a lovely feminine feel. I love seeing this font in logo designs! It’s also perfect for signs, a holiday card design, gift tags, and other projects. These two fonts are an immediate go-to whenever someone asks me for a recommendation for rustic, but modern, fonts.

Another script font that ranks among my favorites is Salt & Sea. This script is a handlettered calligraphy font, and comes with a little something extra – beautiful swashes! I’ve seen it used in logo designs, printables, on a pin here & there, social media graphics, & more. It’s super easy to access the swashes in design programs like Adobe Photoshop CC or Illustrator CC! I have more information on that here!

My Favorite Farmhouse Font

My all-time favorite farmhouse font is my very first release, Spring Market. Spring Market is a more rustic serif, and is my most popular font to date! My inspiration for Spring Market came from spending a bit of time in the Southern US — all things rustic & farmhouse in the south are extremely popular. Driving down the road, I couldn’t help but think about Joanna Gaines and her impeccable style. When lettering this font, I wanted the font to exude more warmth, simplicity, the feeling of home, and familiarity.

Printables are by far the most popular design items that I see Spring Market used for, but I also find some extremely talented graphic designers that use Spring Market more for logos & branding. The difference this typeface makes in a project is truly awesome!

I love this example of a sign you can make with Spring Market, as well!

I also love to use Spring Market in logos!

Just in case you didn’t know, Spring Market has a sister! Summer Market is the sans version – these fonts are perfectly paired together in my Market Duo.

Farmhouse Font Bundles

While I do offer all of these fonts as individual purchases, I have two bundles that have been perfectly curated to give you exactly the results you’re looking for! You can find more information on the bundles by clicking the images below, but here are a few tidbits about each collection!

  • These bundles include .otf, .ttf, and webfont files.
  • Purchase includes a personal and commercial use license.
  • There is no limit to the number of projects that you can use these for! Feel free to create as many items as you like, sell on your website, sell on Etsy, etc. Use for your own logo or brand, your website or blog, create a farmhouse sign of your own, the possibilities are endless.
  • You’ll be getting more bang for your buck by purchasing in a bundle! Each collection is valued at more than $70, but you pay only $18 per bundle!
  • All fonts included are handlettered with so much love and care!

Got questions? I’m available to answer them! Please feel free to email me, or use my contact form if you want to drop me a line – I’m happy to provide any additional information that you may need. I’d also be happy to help you select the fonts that would be the best fits for use in your projects!

Be sure to double check your email address & other pertinent information, though. It’d bum me out to not be able to reach back out to you!

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