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Procreate is a popular app used for a variety of things, on your iPad! You can draw, paint, or do graphic design. When I originally started creating my custom fonts, I used Procreate for lettering and then transferred to my computer to start programming my fonts. I still do this, but one thing has changed since I started – now Procreate allows you to install fonts! This was an upgrade that so many people were excited to have, and many of my clients use my fonts in this app!

Procreate Fonts Are Regular Ol’ Fonts

Your Procreate app has unlimited access to the fonts that are installed on your device! Any default font or new free font that you have installed to your device will be available in your font list. It’s important to note, however, that just downloading a font to your files app won’t make the font visible in your Procreate fonts. You will need to either install the font on your device so that all of your applications can access it or import the font directly to Procreate.

Use Calligraphy Fonts or A Handwritten Script Font

Using the best fonts for your project can be a tough call. If you’re wanting to add fonts that give your project a handwritten look or that maintain that hand-drawn look, using a handwritten script font on top of your artwork can make you look like a master of hand-lettering!

Rest assured that, no matter the font you choose or style you’re after, adding text to your Procreate designs is now easier than ever!

All Font Files Are Not Created Equal

There aren’t many fonts that I release that don’t include extra features like alternates and ligatures, whether it’s a brush font, calligraphy font, or sans-serif font. I love being able to provide robust font files to my customers and give them a better experience than they will get with free fonts.

However, you’re not always able to use the additional features and stylistic alternates. Even though Procreate uses standard .otf or .ttf font files, Procreate’s app doesn’t support OpenType features — yet. So it’s important to keep in mind that, whenever you use a handwriting font created by me in Procreate, you will likely only be able to use the default uppercase and lowercase letters!

I’m hopeful that Procreate is working on a solution for this, so users can experience the full range of options available super easily!

How to Download a Font File and Make it a Procreate Font

If you want to import custom fonts that you’ve purchased or that are in your fonts folder into Procreate, check out our tutorial on how to import your new favorite Procreate fonts!

How to Import Fonts to Procreate

Find Your New Favorite Fonts for Procreate

My font bundle includes a variety of fonts that have a hand-crafted look and feel to them! You can purchase the bundle for personal use or license the fonts for commercial projects. Check it out today and find your new favorite fonts!

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