Unbound Script


Introducing Unbound Script, a messy handwriting font.

Want to see how your text looks in Unbound Script Font? Use this preview tool!

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Unbound is best for:

– logos + branding
– website design + website accents, blog design
– clean print design, like magazines + flyers
– header elements that need handwritten touch
– quote graphics for social media

Unbound includes:

– full upper + lowercase characters
– numbers + punctuation
– Western European Language Support
– 59 ligatures – ad, ah, ak, al, am, an, ar, at, att, bb, bl, cc, ch, ck, dd, eb, ee, el, em, en, er, es, est, et, ex, ey, ff, fi, fl, fo, gg, gh, il, im, in, ir, is, it, la, le, ll, lt, mm, nn, of, om, on, oo, or, ot, ou, ow, ph, rr, ss, tt, um, un, wh
– PUA-encoding
– .otf, .ttf, and webfont files

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