Orange Grove Script Typeface


Introducing Orange Grove Script, a bright & bubbly font. Choose it for logos, branding, casual invitations or beachy t-shirts.

Orange Grove is a little cursive, and a little print, with beautiful curves & easy to read letters. Includes some ligatures, a few alternates, & Western European language support!

Orange Grove Script Typeface is a bubbly and bright brush font. It’s a little curvy, a little sans, but with a relaxed flair. Use it for projects that call for a handwritten feel. Easy to read, Orange Grove Script works well for branding, logos, signage and quote graphics.

Orange Grove provides many of the most common ligatures and a few alternates, plus Western European language support and punctuation.

Type in the box to see your text in Orange Grove Script!

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Font files include .otf, .ttf, and webfonts. Some fonts include OpenType features, best accessed through programs that support them. Like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator — you can access them through the Glyphs panel! Also access ligatures, swashes, and other special characters through Character Map or FontBook and copy/pasted. Please understand what you are purchasing before you do so. The extra characters WILL take some hunting down if you don’t have easy-access software like Adobe products.

For information on installing fonts:

For information on OpenType features:

All free fonts come with a personal use only license. “Personal use” means you can install the font on your computer and use it in a variety of programs. Examples of personal use may be creating designs for use around your home, or gifted to another person. 

In order to use for business purposes (logo, branding, website, etc.) or commercially (font used for an item you sell), a commercial use license is required.

You can purchase the appropriate commercial use license at this link:

For more information on selecting an appropriate license, visit this link:

Please feel free to reach out with any questions! [email protected]


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