Lush Typeface


Introducing Lush, a sans typeface with leaf details! All caps, the ‘lowercase’ will reveal the leaves. Versatile and modern, Lush Typeface pairs with almost any other font.



Lush Typeface is an all-caps font with each lowercase letter features a sweet leafy detail.  Lush would be a perfect fit for a health-conscious brand, or a brand based in organics and natural products.  Each of the leaf details is clean + crisp, which gives it an excellent minimalist look & feel.

Because Lush Typeface is an all-caps font, the lowercase characters have been programmed with the leaf details, so you won’t need to do anything special to access those lovely characters!

Lush features:

– numbers and punctuation

– Western European Language Support

Type in the box to see your text in Lush Typeface!

Example Below


Font files include .otf, .ttf, and webfonts. Some fonts include OpenType features, best accessed through programs that support them. Like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator — you can access them through the Glyphs panel! Also access ligatures, swashes, and other special characters through Character Map or FontBook and copy/pasted. Please understand what you are purchasing before you do so. The extra characters WILL take some hunting down if you don’t have easy-access software like Adobe products.

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