The Fun + Funky Font Bundle


**Introducing** The Fun + Funky Hand-lettered Font Bundle, featuring 19 of my previous font releases. It includes a total of 19 different fonts, since some of my releases contained multiple versions! The Fun + Funky Bundle is perfect for crafters and designers that want a light-hearted, playful look in their designs.

You’ll be receiving:

– Ampersand Mania, Buttermilk Biscuit, Da Beach, Chicken + Waffles Duo, She Sells Seashells, Staycation, Bless Your Heart Trio, Coquina Clam, Plumeria, Parchester, Sweet Jasmine, Patisserie, The Island, Sugar Dumplin Duo
– .otf, .ttf, and web font versions of each of these fonts


Some fonts in the Fun + Funky Font Bundle include OpenType features, best accessed through programs that support OpenType features like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator — you can access them through the Glyphs panel! Ligatures, swashes, and other special characters may also be (tediously) accessed through a standard character map and copy/pasted. It is highly recommended that you understand what you are purchasing before you do so — the extra characters WILL take some hunting down if you don’t have easy-access software like Adobe products.

**Can I purchase only one of these fonts individually?**
Indeed!  These fonts can be found as individual purchases on my website.  But, you will find that the bundle is totally the best deal!  The result is more bang for your buck, more fonts at a lower price, and definitely more variety!

Licensing? Easy peasy! Please feel free to use this font for personal & commercial projects, but please never, ever share or transfer the files to others.  For extended use and embedding, contact me!

Want to see how your text looks in one of my fonts? Use this preview tool!

Ampersand Mania

Bless Your Heart

Buttermilk Biscuit

Chicken & Waffles – Sans

Coquina Clam

Da Beach

Ethanol Sans






She Sells Seashells


Sugar Dumplin Serif

Sweet Jasmine

The Island

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