Entire Shop SVG Bundle – Silhouette File – Cricut File


This amazing SVG bundle — ALL hand-lettered SVG files in my shop — is SUCH a steal. At only $25, you can have access to lovingly handlettered, totally unique files that can’t be duplicated with a font. These files are perfect for your crafting needs to produce super cute, sassy gifts for your family and friends…and yourself, too! These file sets can be used for a wide variety of items: t-shirt design, coffee mug design, custom tumblers, custom hats, printables, & more!  You can use as Cricut files or Silhouette files, or upload the file to your favorite printing service to order apparel and items.  Scroll to see a quick sampling of what you can expect to find in this bundle!



Sample of Included SVGs In This Bundle


There are **over 2,300** file sets included in this SVG Bundle as of May 2021 – just take a look around my shop to see what’s included! That means you’re literally paying pennies (less than $0.02 per SVG file!) for these beauties — what a steal!

Each set of files includes:

– an Adobe Illustrator file (.ai)
– a vector .pdf file
– an .svg file perfect for Cricut & Silhouette machines for vinyl cutting
– a .dxf file
– a high resolution .png file with transparent background (300 dpi)

Files are prepared in black & white on a digital canvas that is 12 inches x 12 inches. Vector files may be scaled up or down without the loss of quality.



– This purchase is an instant download. Once your payment is confirmed, you will be able to access your download.

– The download included with this bundle deal is a PDF, which includes the Google Drive download link for the file sets! There will not be any physical item shipped to you.  This SVG Bundle is so huge that there is no .zip involved — just constant access to Drive where the files live!

– I’m happy to help with any *download* issues that you may have, or fix any errors that are my own, but I am unable to provide support for the file types or provide instruction on how to use them. When you purchase this item, it is assumed that you know how to use the file types & have the appropriate software to utilize them.

– I’ve hand-lettered this file — that means it’s my own handwriting and creation, and there is no font to reference for design alterations.  If you’re hoping to make small additions to the files, like adding a name, I would recommend Dear Journal Calligraphy Font, as it’s a close match for most of my SVG files.

– No display images are included with your purchase, please do not take my display images for your own use.



All SVG file sets sold in my shop include commercial use when the design is applied to a physical item for sale up to 500 items. Please contact me for large scale production licensing. You may not resell the digital files in any way or any other format.


My handlettered designs are protected by copyright laws. It is a crime to steal them for your own use or profit. I’ve poured years of my life into my craft, and I will come after you. 🙂

Even though there are thousands of SVG files included in this purchase and it sorta feels like Oprah’s favorite things where you get an SVG cut file, and you get an SVG cut file, and also, YOU get an SVG file, too!!!! — please, no sharing with others after you purchase.

For real: Under no circumstances should the SVG files you purchase be transferred to another person, regardless of the license type. You may not share, transfer, e-mail, or send the files you purchase to someone else for their use. You may not resell the digital files in any form, or modify the digital files for resale. You may not trace the digital files, modify, and resell as your own. I maintain the rights to these files & you may not claim it as your own.


Great, now that we have the formalities out of the way, let’s talk about the versatility of these cut files. No, my friend, these aren’t the same caliber as those free SVG files you downloaded from that random website, and they’re a little more special than what you might find in your Cricut Access subscription.

So…uh… Stop looking for the free SVG cut files for Cricut and Silhouette!

I’m not knockin’ them, I’m just saying…mine are different. These beauties have been lettered by me – like, I drew it all myself. Like I said in my legal statement, I’ve poured years of my life into this. I love what I do, and I love letters, and I love being able to make these fun SVG files for people across the world. (Plus, supporting a small business is badass…right?)

What makes the files so versatile? I provide not only the .svg cut file, but also other file types. That means that even if you’re not a proud owner of one of the popular cutting machines on the market, you can still make use of this file by using one of the alternate file types and uploading to an apparel printer of your choice.

You can upload the appropriate file types to Silhouette’s software to use with your Silhouette Cameo machine or other model Silhouette machine, Cricut Design Space for use with Cricut Maker, Joy, Explore, or even fancy-schmancy design programs like Illustrator or Photoshop to work on your own design preparation to send to your own printer. Cricut and Silhouette certainly do make it easy, though, with a super fast upload for the completed design!


These cut files for Cricut are perfect for your crafting needs to produce super cute, sassy gifts for your family and friends…and yourself, too! These file sets can be used for a wide variety of items: t-shirt design, coffee mug design, custom tumblers, custom hats, printables, & more!

As of May 2021, there are over 2100 SVG sets included in this purchase – just take a look around my storefront to see what’s included! It even includes some SVG file sets that are no longer available in my Etsy shop, or have not even been released yet — even better! 🙂 I can’t wait for y’all to see those!

That means you’re literally paying pennies for these beauties — what a steal! I’m not super good at math, but $2.99 x 2100 = $6279. That’s what my calculator told me, anyway. So, more than $6k worth for less than the cost of dinner out…oh yeah, and commercial use is included? For realsies!!!

These SVG files include:
– fall, winter, Thanksgiving, & Christmas SVG files
– summer, beach, coastal, cruise, & vacation SVG files
– Hamilton SVGs & other fun pop culture references
– lifestyle, quote, & positivity SVG files
– food, drink, & funny alcohol SVG files
– US State themed SVG files
– and a huge variety of other SVGS for your cutting machines: humor, Disney-ish, Southern sayings, career + service SVGs, adult SVGs, home & family, pets, sports, bridal, & cute clipart


Would it be ok if I said that cut files are like crack? It’s probably not professional…but I don’t know if you know this or not (or maybe you can tell?), I march to the beat of my own drum. You can’t buy just one SVG file – once you try it, you’re gonna want more. If you’re like me, you like to save money where you can, so I decided to offer this beast of a bundle to share the wealth…and also, when you’re doing your own DIY projects, it also helps you save $$…and plus, there’s that whole personal satisfaction and the heartwarming nature of something handmade, too.

If you have a small business, this bundle of cut files is perfect for you – not only does it offer a fantastic value, but there are so many products that you could create for sale. You’d make your money back in no time — probably with just a single purchase from your own site or store using a single SVG cut file. Insane!! Shirt designs are definitely the most popular project that I see, but you’re not limited to that – coffee mugs, signs, sublimation transfers, iron-on transfers, stickers, greeting cards, and printables are a few other ideas for how to use this bundle.

If you don’t have a business, don’t let that stop you. If you’re an avid home crafter and love to shower your loved ones with the most awesome DIY projects, this is totally perfect for you, too! Sometimes, I’m a crappy crafter, but I’m positive that the gift ideas you could come up with are beyond comprehension. Imagine a Christmas where you created every last present using your Cricut machine, and gifted your loved ones with the perfect item!! I love that!!


Let’s recap. These aren’t boring, dime-a-dozen free SVG cut files for Cricut. These are handlettered beauties, the cream of the crop, amazeballs SVG files…plus a handful of other file types just to make sure you’re covered and good to go with any DIY project you might think of. These are fantastic for your cutting machine – Cricut and Silhouette are good to go. You can also upload these to other design software, or other interfaces, if you’re not super handy with Cricut Design Space, or Silhouette Studio. These files are easy to access through Google Drive, and I’ll continually be updating the download link with FUTURE RELEASES FOR FREE!!! Woot!

There are so many projects just waiting to be created – thousands of Etsy customers & other Etsy sellers can’t be wrong with glowing five-star reviews. Go take a look yourself! Not sure if I’m legit? Find me over on Etsy, Creative Market, Creative Fabrica, FontBundles.net, and other design resource marketplaces. My lettering work has been used by Amazon, Minted, Smallwoods, Smucker’s & more – it’s very humbling and SUPER exciting. Letters feed my family, and I would be so thrilled see my SVGs as a powerful addition to your font arsenal, helping you do the things that you love, too!

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